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Donation Request Form

The Sacramento State Athletics Department is pleased to assist charitable organizations that improve the quality of life of our fans, Sacramento, and the surrounding communities. We receive a number of requests for donations each year and wish it was possible to honor all requests because most are very worthwhile causes.  Due to the volume of requests received and NCAA rules, the Sacramento State Athletics Department has established the following set of policies and procedures for donation and autograph requests.

Donation Requests

  • Due to NCAA regulations, we are unable to fulfill requests that would benefit students (or their families) in grades 9-12 (grades 7-12 for items related to men's basketball). Proceeds or actual items may NOT be provided to a high school, preparatory school, or two-year college for any reason. This includes any elementary and middle schools that are financially tied and/or associated with a high school.
  • Donations will be limited to auction and/or raffle activities designated to raise funds for organizations with 501(c)(3) status, critically ill/injured children and adults, or educational institutions that do not contain prospective student-athletes. Requests for door prizes, business award/incentive programs, or requests for individual or private use will be declined. Sacramento State reserves the right to refuse any request.
  • All monies derived from a promotional activity must go directly to the institution or charitable agency.
  • All requests must be submitted at least two (2) weeks prior to the event to be considered.
  • Donations are limited based on availability. Donated tickets shall not be sold, auctioned, or traded at any other event other than the original event without the consent of Sacramento State Athletics.
  • Monetary donations and sponsorship requests will not be considered or granted.

Autograph Requests

  • Currently, autograph requests for coaches will be considered only if the requesting party provides the item to be donated (e.g. basketball) and the requesting party handles any and all arrangements for shipping where applicable.