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AXS Mobile Ticketing FAQ

Welcome to mobile ticketing with AXS. Watch this short video to learn more about the AXS app and your new online ticket experience. 


What is Mobile ID?

Mobile ID is our digital ticketing technology which provides you the flexibility and convenience of safely and securely managing your tickets online or in the AXS mobile app.

What is Fan Account?

Fan Account is an online portal where you can pay for any reserved tickets on your account as well has transfer tickets to your friends.  You can use this link to access your account online: https://fanaccount.axs.com/?skin=sacstate

Getting Into the Event

When it’s time for the event, the Mobile ID through the AXS App is the recommended form of entry, but if you don't have access to a smartphone, you may use the credit card you used to purchase the tickets.

Here's how it works:

  1. Get the AXS app if you haven't already
  1. Open the App and sign in to see your tickets
  1. Show the ticket in the App at the entrance and get them scanned to enter. Have fun!

Bought tickets for a group? Make sure everyone enters together OR transfer tickets to friends before the event (if transfer is available)

With Mobile ID, how will the usher know where to seat me?

Your tickets and seat locations can be viewed in the AXS App, which you can show to the usher. At select venues, you’ll get a printout with your seat locations, and you can show the printout to an usher to find your seats.

I have Mobile ID, but forgot my phone. What do I do?

Please go to the box office for help. You’ll need to provide some form of ID and verification info previously entered in your AXS account.

I have Mobile ID tickets that I bought for a group. How do we all enter the venue?

You have two options:

  • Make sure everyone enters together. Show the tickets on your phone for everyone in your group.


  • Transfer tickets to friends (for select events). If you’re not arriving as a group, you can transfer tickets to friends straight from your AXS account. Then your friends can get in with their own phones using the AXS app.

Transferring Tickets

What is transfer?

A ticket transfer allows you to digitally send each guest in your party their own Mobile ID and use the AXS app for entry. With seat transfers, you no longer have to worry about delivering the paper tickets to them in advance or meeting guests in before the event to walk in together.

Note that some areas within some venues may be non-transferable. Refer to your order to review whether your tickets are transferable.

Here's how it works:

  1. Click the Transfer button next to the event in your AXS account.
  1. Select the tickets to transfer and enter the recipient's information.
  1. On the review page, click the Transfer button to send the tickets.

The recipient will get an email about the transfer, and they’ll need to create an AXS account (if they don’t have one yet) to complete the transfer. After that, the tickets will be theirs to use with the AXS App.

Is there a fee for transferring seats?

No, there is no fee for transferring seats.

How will I know if my transfer was successful?

Review your transfer history within the AXS app by clicking on MY EVENTS and selecting TRANSFERRED. You may also review your transfers and purchase history at AXS.com.

How do I accept Transferred Tickets?

If you already have an AXS account, the tickets will be transferred to your account automatically. Otherwise, you’ll get an email letting you know you need to create an AXS account to claim the tickets. Just follow the simple steps to make the tickets officially yours.

Once I have downloaded the AXS App and created my AXS account, do I have to accept the transfer every time?

Nope. Once you have an account, seats transferred to you will be accepted by your account automatically (no need to accept them manually).

Can seats be transferred to someone who doesn’t have an AXS account?

Yep! They’ll just have to create an AXS account to claim their tickets.

They’ll also need to get the AXS App. When it’s time for the event, they can open the app to show their tickets on their phone.

Can I cancel a transfer?

It depends. If your friend already has an AXS account, the tickets will be transferred instantaneously. Otherwise you have until your friend creates an account to cancel the transfer.

Remember, your friends can always transfer tickets back to you.

Buying Tickets

Tickets for all venues can be purchased on AXS.com or the AXS app. Simply search for an event and click on GET TICKETS to begin your purchase.

Non-Transferable Tickets

If your tickets are not qualified for transfer, you (the original purchaser) MUST arrive at the entrance with your entire party and present your Mobile ID using their AXS App. 

More Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the difference between the old Hornet Club and the Sacramento State Athletics Fund?

The Sacramento State Athletics Fund is focused on raising philanthropic funds for Sacramento Athletics. The previous benefits structure of the Hornet Club has been reduced and streamlined to focus on philanthropic giving.

Does my donation to the Sacramento State Athletics Fund count towards my ticket package?

No, all gifts made to the Sacramento State Athletics Fund are purely philanthropic and have no benefits attached.

What is the difference between the previous ticketing structure and the new Hornet Athletics Ticketing Packages?

The previous ticketing structure required a donation plus the cost of your ticket. The new ticketing packages have no donation component and offer different levels of access to tickets, parking and hospitality.

How do I purchase season tickets?

Please visit hornetsports.com/tickets or call the ticket office at (916) 278-4428

Will I be able to reserve my same seats from last season?

Yes, please confirm with Hornet Ticket Staff.

Will there be tailgating?

Yes, but it will not be hosted. All-American season ticket holders will be provided a reserved tailgating parking space for your own personal tailgating.

How do I get access to the End Zone hospitality tent?

The End Zone is included in the purchase of an All-American season ticket package.

What if I just want to purchase season tickets without any extra benefits?

You can buy the First Team season ticket package that provides general admission season tickets.

How will tickets be distributed?

All tickets will be distributed digitally. To redeem your tickets at the gate, please download the AXS ticket app and login to your account.